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An article by Victoria Stilwell on fear: how it affects the brain and body and how to help your dog cope with it.

An article by Patricia McConnell, PhD, on utilizing empathy when it comes to greeting and generally interacting with dogs.

A brief discussion from Karen London, PhD, of the findings of scientific study on the effects of a dog sniffing.

An article on a study about recognizing the emotions of dogs by Karen London, PhD.

Great ways to create a stronger bond with your dog from Karen London, PhD.

Dogs, like some people, may not like to be hugged. This article by Karen London, PhD, discusses how to spot this and what to do when you do.

Reactive dogs cause their people to feel many things, one of which is grief. Control The Meerkat discusses that grief cycle.

This article discusses how much of what we say to our dogs they may understand.

Julie Hecht discusses on the gesture of pointing and dog's interpretation of it.

An article by Caitlin Ultimo on the potential health benefits for pets of Reiki.

A review by David E. McManus, PhD, of clinical studies on the health benefits of Reiki, specifically the potential for increased ability of the body to heal.

Victoria Stilwell discusses training a dog to be comfortable with being crated inside a vehicle.

An article by Karen London, PhD, discussing common leash-related incidents and injuries and how to avoid them.

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